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Learn about Lee DeForest, David Sarnoff, and Edwin Armstrong.

Listen to the 
Dave Ossman radio-drama version of 
The Empire of the Air: The Men Who made Radio
by Tom Lewis:

 Part 1

 Part 2

IEEE Engineering Mini-Academy Pre-study

Progress of New Museum Display Development

Some Historic Radio Documents

New Edwin Howard Armstrong Material


Explore Historic Radio Sites
     Requires Chrome browser or Google Earth on your computer.

Radio Listening

Long-Distance Radio Listening - A simple exercise with your AM radio

Short-Wave Listening Tools

AM Broadcast Information:  

FCC Database    

Medium-Wave Frequency List

Radio Station Locator

NJARC DX Contest   Past, but lots of good information.

Things to make:

Homemade Radios

Homemade Radios Presentation

Al's Crystal Set Page

NJARC Crystal Set Seminar

Simple Vacuum Tube Radios

"Homebrew" Radio Antennas

Easy Loop Antenna Gets DX

Skywaves Air-Core Loop

Short-Wave Antenna System

Make a  Cipher Disk to encode messages.

Fold an InfoAge paper airplane.

Seeing Sound with Visual Analyzer.  A powerful audio instrument suite for your PC.

This could make an excellent science project!

Science Tutotial Series - Links

Session 1, 14 Feb 2009  "Radio Technology"

Main Power-Point Prentation

Presented by:  Al Klase

Cub Scout Presentation - Links

Stringed Instruments

Presented by:  Peggy Ellen Reynolds

Cave Painting
Musical Bow
Homemade Instruments
Carbon fiber Cello Manufacture